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Bartramian Sandpiper

The upland sandpiper is a large sandpiper, closely related to the curlews. Older names are the upland plover and Bartram's sandpiper. In Louisiana, it is also colloquially known as the papabotte. It is the only member of the genus Bartramia. The genus name and the old common name Bartram's sandpiper commemorate the American naturalist William Bartram. The species name longicauda is from Latin longus, "long" and caudus, "tail". The name "Bartram's sandpiper" was made popular by Alexander Wilson, who was taught ornithology and natural history illustration by Bartram. Source: Wikipedia

bartramian sandpiper


Plover, Sandpipers and the Woodcock are strikingly differentrepresentatives of the great order of Shore Birds. The ploverfamily have stout, short bills, while the sandpipers and woodcockbelong to a family which have soft probing bills of greatlyvarying length, for obtaining their food in soft mud. 041b061a72

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