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Designated Driver 720p ((INSTALL))

Wilson plays a man named Norman, a private, assigned as a driver to a commission seeking the mass grave of American airmen executed by the Nazis. The Army seems to have forgotten him half the time, and he drives around the half-deserted village in a Jeep. He meets Emilia by accident. Played by the great actress Maja Komorowska, she is a war widow, living with her mother (Ewa Dalkowska) in a single room; her neighbor Stella (Vadim Glowna) is a prostitute, and Emilia has a job baking cakes. Norman brings her gifts: Tubes of paint, for she is an artist, and sugar, for her cakes. They do not speak each other's languages, but they fall in love wordlessly, and quickly.

Designated Driver 720p

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FleetCam is an all-in-one camera system for fleet vehicles. It is designed to provide transparency to managers, and help improve driving habits with in-cab notifications and an integrated driver behavior coaching system.

FleetCam supports up to 8 cameras per vehicle. These cameras can be pointed at the road, the driver, back-doors, interior (e.g. for buses), and many other custom configurations. The basic system includes a camera focused on the road and another on the driver.

FleetCam detects unwanted driver behaviors and generates video clips for the manager to review and use for coaching purposes. Events like speeding, harsh accelerating/braking, and falling asleep at the wheel are all captured. See full list of captured events here.

AI Events (DMS/ADAS) are generated when the automatic continuous analysis of the AI system monitoring the driver and road recognizes undesired behavior or movements. In some cases, the AI is cross-referenced with additional sensor data to, for example, detect lane departure without the driver using the blinker.

All video transmissions from the FleetCam unit to the FTS servers are placed in a downloads queue, and are downloaded sequentially. This includes driver behavior events, historical video download requests, and saving live/historical stream footage.

The various camera angles are arranged and sized in order of importance for each type of event. Driver-centric events prioritize the driver camera and road-centric events prioritize the road camera. Additional camera angles are sized and positioned to let the user grasp all camera angles at once. Additionally, each video can be viewed in full screen by clicking its Full Screen button.

You can control which driver behavior activities should generate a video clip and coachable event by going to Global Settings > Driver Behavior Events. Here you can enable or disable any of the behavior types.

What separates this system from other FalconEye dashcams and systems is this system can connect to the internet, which will give you some awesome benefits. When this system is connected to an internet source, you will be able to log on and live stream all 1 to 4 camera viewpoints from any phone, tablet, computer and laptop, from anywhere in the world. Plus, you will be able to remotely download any events/videos that have occurred in the past. This means that if the truck is 50 to 2,000 miles away, if there was an incident, you will be able to remotely view & download the incident video in seconds from your phone or computer. Plus, when connected to the internet, you can receive text messages or emails if this truck was involved in a hard brake situation, if the truck went over a speed that you designated or if this truck traveled outside a geographic area that you designated. Lastly, you will be able to track in real time the location and speed of this truck and get GPS reports on where this truck has been as well!

Also, this system is tamper-proof. The memory is in a locked compartment and this system is password protected, which means the driver of the truck cannot turn off system, cannot edit or delete videos or cannot change any settings! This system is completely tamper-proof and will record and keep recording once the camera system has power.

Also, this system offers a 11" LCD that will allow the driver to see 1, 2, 3 or 4 viewpoints as they are driving, which will allow the driver to use the camera system as a blind spot awareness system. This should help the driver avoid accidents when changing lanes, backing into tight spaces and more. 11 inch Touch Screen has a built in microphone. Audio can be recorded inside the vehicle and audio setting can be turned off/on at any time. Audio can not be recorded outside the vehicle.

11-inch DASH MOUNTED LCD: Allows the driver to see 1, 2, 3 or 4 to view cameras to spot blind awareness. This should help the driver avoid accidents when changing lanes, backing into tight spaces and more. Up-to 4 viewpoint options at one time. One camera in full screen, two cameras in split screen and up to four cameras in quad screen, etc. (show 4 cameras in live view mode at one time). LCD dash mount is included.

Brinno MAC200DNFeaturing on-site storage and battery-powered operation, the MAC200DN 720p Outdoor Wireless Cube Camera from Brinno is a fully portable surveillance solution. The camera features 1280 x 720 resolution for high-quality video, and it uses a 28mm (35mm equivalent) lens for a 75 wide field of view. Equipped with three recording modes, the camera can record based on PIR motion detection, at a fixed capture rate for time lapse videos, or in a hybrid mode which will record time lapse video until motion is detected and then switch to motion detection mode. There is a night mode which will automatically switch on at sunset and switch off at sunrise for optimizing ambient light in low-light situations, however, the camera is designed to be paired with the company's APL200 IR illuminator for full night capability. A built-in microSD slot supports up to 32GB of edge recording, eliminating the need to connect the camera to a separate recorder. This wireless camera requires two D cell batteries for power, and it can run on this power supply for up to 14 months in time lapse mode. For further flexibility, the camera is IPX4-rated waterproof, enabling you to install the camera outdoors.Dual Protection - Capture any movement in motion zone and time lapse zone. Auto converts photos into a fast playback time lapse video.

For a period of 1 (one) year from the Date of Purchase, Brinno will bear the labor charges and the costs of parts needed for the repair of the product determined to be defective by the authorized dealer/distributor or other facilities designated by Brinno.

After a device and the project are set up properly, you can begin capturing clips using device control. You can capture an entire tape or you can mark In and Out points for each clip, and then capture the clip. You can log In and Out points for any number of clips and have Premiere Pro capture as many as you like in a batch. Premiere Pro supports FireWire device control, but supports serial device control by third-party drivers only.

The inView Guardian offers a number of accessory options including powerful data management software for easily access, search and archive your DVR data. WiFi capability is also available for automatic downloading of DVR data when an apparatus returns to the station. Create custom searches by alerts such as hard breaking, excessive vehicle speed, impact, or Geo-fencing (vehicle outside of designated location). See InView Catalog for more information and easy ordering guide.

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