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Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Stats

Berserk super saiyan (used to be called lssj) is the legendary berserker form of super saiyan and the form of Kefla and Broly from dragon ball super & dragon ball super broly it requires 750,000 in all stats and multiplies health and damage by 8.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Stats


Super saiyan god is form goku achieves in dragon ball super battle of the gods, and it's achieved by 5 saiyans of pure heart imbuing their power in another super saiyan (also has to be pure) and the result is ssjg it requires 1,250,000 in all stats. This form multiplies health and damage by 10.

Ssjr (not super saiyan rage) is the result of Zamasu (in dragon ball super) taking over Goku's body and finally being able to put his cells to full use. This form requires 10,000,000 in all stats and multiplies damage and health by 20.

Mastered Ultra Instinct is the mastered form of Ultra Instinct and puts more strain on the body than any other form and in-fact in dragon ball super nearly kills Goku after use. It Requires 45,000,000 in all stats and multiplies damage and health by 100. Much like the previous form, this too can dodge with a 10% dodge rate.

Jiren is just the full power of jiren (from dragon ball super). it's basically him releasing his ki and letting it flow and it also rivals Ultra instinct but is no chance for MUI until Goku is worn out. requires 50,000,000 in all stats and 5 zenkai boosts. This transformation multiplies damage and health by 98.

Incomplete Zeno is kinda made by the creator of dbzr but it's name is from a character from dragon ball super known as Zeno who is a childlike god with the ability to destroy the entire multiverse. It requires 55,000,000 in all stats and 9 zenkais. It multiplies damage and health by 101.

Revamped the pictures and added angel, its apparently going to get revamped so its subject to change annnnd next update will add new forms and dragon balls? So be looking forward to that! 0NeverSaidSorry0

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