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Ikea Hack Mudroom Bench

Because IKEA hacks can be so amazing, a lot of those IKEA products incorporated into hacks look custom-made and built in too. Nobody would ever know that many of these mudrooms started life as IKEA products.

Ikea Hack Mudroom Bench

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An IKEA Hemnes media unit forms the basis of this pretty and stylish mudroom hack. The wall behind has been framed and blocked with shiplap, with another IKEA unit added at the top. See it here.

This mudroom is very budget friendly, as it was created for under $200. As you can see it is small, but has ample space for hanging coats and bags, storing shoes, and even bags. It uses IKEA Stolmen units. You can see the hack right here.

The main focus of this beautiful mudroom is IKEA Pax wardrobes. They create amazing and useful space for hanging your coats and bags, and storing all kinds of things out of sight and easily accessed. You can see the hack right here.

A mudroom is one of those godsends that you won't know how you lived without. And IKEA mudroom hacks allow you to create a style-driven aesthetic without breaking the bank. Just because a space is primarily functional, doesn't mean it can't be beautiful too.

Michelle @houseonforesttrail (opens in new tab) says of this mudroom set up in her hallway: 'I used the IKEA Kallax and added some 'feet' to make it look more like a bench. I then threw some faux fur IKEA Gullviva rugs on top for texture.

This sleek and chic IKEA mudroom hack was created to cater for a large family - and all their outdoor essentials. 'As a family of six, this mudroom fills up very quickly,' says Jennifer @spikedteaandpeonies (opens in new tab).

Take a room from dead space to multi-functional with a clever and stylish IKEA hack makeover. The IKEA mudroom hack was created by Gina Rachelle Design (opens in new tab), who said: 'Rather than custom cabinetry, we utilized a fantastic alternative with IKEA Sektion and Semihandmade.

Another way to make the most of a mudroom is to pair it with a utility room. Getting creative with IKEA Sektion bases means you can install a sink with cabinets, a storage bench, and wall hooks to hang coats and bags, alongside your washing machine and tumble dryer.

And here it is, all done. Our hallway mudroom consists of IKEA KALLAX units on the left and right for open shelving. BESTÅ cabinets work as a bench with storage space for gloves, socks, etc. And the LACK shelves positioned to almost look like crown moulding.

I just did the mudroom lockers with the IKEA BESTÅ cabinets and a few other things. My only power tool is a drill and so all my cutting was done the old-fashioned way. My skill level is medium-low. With this hack, I felt like I had to MacGyver almost every single thing. Read more.

Mudroom Bench from IKEA Stuvas. The MOMbot created the perfect dropzone for a family! She used two Stuva benches and added backing with hooks, a new wood seat, and a top-shelf. This hack created plenty of storage for her kids to store all of their stuff and keep it looking neat!

IKEA Pax Mudroom Cabinets by Jenny Komenda. Molding and pine planks on the wall take this PAX hack to the next level. Jenny did an awesome job designing a functional and beautiful mudroom space. I love the white and wood tones together. 041b061a72

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