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Footprint Reading Library With Video From National Geographic

As you embark on your dissertation there are many ways the Library and Writing Development Centre can advise and support you with your reading, notetaking, searching, and critical thinking. Our two live Dissertation and Literature Review sessions are a great starting point for planning your next steps, while the Write Here, Write Now session will help you kick start your writing. Also check out a fantastic session from our Special Collections and Archives, which highlights you how you can use our collections for your dissertation.

footprint reading library with video from national geographic

At the University of Vermont, instructors used land use change, driven by development of the University of Vermont campus and recent student occupancy of surrounding neighborhoods in Burlington, Vermont, as an opportunity for service learning and for teaching fundamental hydrologic and geologic skills. Students from a Geomorphology class, Geohydrology class and student senior research projects all worked on the preoject. In each of these studies, students worked closely with City and University staff and presented results at local forums, professional national meeting, and on the World Wide Web. These service-learning projects have received positive feedback from the students, city officals, and community members.

Past projects have targeted four specific landscapes in the United States - the coastal plain forests of North and South Carolina; the Cumberland Plateau region in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia; the piney woods on the Louisiana-Texas border; and the seven-state region of the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, which includes portions of Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee. Taking the effective conservation successes and capacity building within these landscapes, International Paper and NFWF will expand FSP's geographic footprint to include the coastal plain and piedmont forests of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Virginia.

've seen this mentioned as a "component chart" of the Canadian Hot 100, but the case of the Canadian download chart is different from that of the US Digital Songs Chart. From 2005 until Billboard unveiled their own Canadian chart, the top 10 of the download chart was published in the international section of the Billboard magazine as the chart of Canada - naturally they would replace this with their own chart when they created it much like I'm sure they replaced Japan's Oricon Charts as the "official" chart when they created the Japan Hot 100. This chart existed PRIOR to the creation of the Hot 100. It is still published by one of Canada's largest internet resources - Canoe - in the National Charts section of the entertainment site - Jam!. Now, the chart was official for Billboard for 2 years, so I fail to see how, just because Billboard decided to utilise the data used to compile this chart, it has suddenly became a component chart. This is to say that if Billboard decided to make a chart in France based off numbers used by the SNEP Download Chart and airplay data, the SNEP chart would become a component chart as well. I think that the Download Chart should be allowed to be listed in chart boxes as a standalone chart, seeing as it exists as a standalone chart on a major (and native Canadian, may I add) internet publication. At the very least I think that number ones should be kept track of in an article - perhaps similar to this page (UK Download Chart) or how number ones on the Digital Songs chart are kept track of, and in the event that a song reaches a significant position on the Download Chart (i.e. Top 10 or Number 1) but not on the Billboard chart it should be mentioned in the "Chart Performance" paragraph of a song's article. Chele9211 (talk) 20:07, 17 June 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

This has nothing to do with national politics or boundaries. Nobody is saying Scotland is not a real country, but it is still a country within a country and the larger country (the UK) already has a comprehensive chart. This is not called the English chart, or the England and Wales chart, it is the UK chart. The Official UK Charts Company compile the UK chart each week based on sales and downloads from all over the United Kingdom, which includes Scotland. However, the sales data from the three television regions of the UK that cover Scotland and the far north of England are also used to create an additional listing which becomes the Scottish chart. It's a relatively recent listing but it is really nothing more than a regional demographic that is useful for record companies and radio stations. In fact it isn't really even entirely Scottish since the Borders television region includes the far north of England as well as the south of Scotland. The OCC's official website states all of this. It's not quite the same as the way in which the Hot 100 Airplay and Sales are components of the Billboard 100, and perhaps calling the Scottish chart a "sub-division" of the UK chart rather than a component is more accurate, but it is certainly not a genre chart nor is it comparable to one. The same priciples that we use for component charts for inclusion on Wikipedia should apply here otherwise we will be giving undue weight to certain artist discographies by effectively counting their sales twice. As said earlier, if for some reason a record only sells in Scottish retail outlets and therefore it charts on the Scottish chart but not the full UK chart, then by all means it should be included (preferably with a note to clarify it was a limited regional release if this is applicable). Furthermore, as a slight aside, all record sales in Scotland are included in the certifications process by the British Phonographic Industry (Scotland does not have its own separate record industry organisation) which helps to clarify the issue of relationships and borders in this instance. (talk) 08:49, 18 July 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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