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Subtitle Lawless BETTER

Urban and state-sponsored violence, human-made climate change, starvation time, lawless political expediency, modern dispossession, depression, are tangible super monsters of our era. Heroes/Ghosts consider whom and how Indigenous logic works and prevails in their midst, as a call for solidarity, as a revelation of sorts, for those things, upon which to build, and be in the sacred power of Creation.

subtitle Lawless

For one, Martin shared that Westeros is actually divided into around 100 kingdoms at the time of the prequel. If you felt the kingdoms during the original show's time period were hard to keep track of, you might be feeling a little trepidation right now. They're "petty kingdoms," Martin says, that were formed before the nine kingdoms and even the 12 before that. Westeros may be something of a lawless, Wild West during this time period, which might make for even more severe drama and infighting than we're used to.

New York Times correspondent David Rohde was on his way to interview a Taliban commander in the Afghan desert when he was seized along with his Afghan translator, Tahir Luddin, and his driver, Asad Mangal. The three men were shuttled from one village to another, then marched over the mountains into the lawless areas of Pakistan and the clutches of a powerful terrorist outfit, the Haqqani network. 041b061a72

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