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Dolphin Emulator: The Best Way to Experience Mario Party 8

Currently, Cemu plays nice with most computers. All it takes is a decently powerful processor, like a Core i5, and a well-equipped graphics card. Exzap says that Cemu will work well on both Nvidia and AMD cards. Gamers can download the emulator for free right now, with updates being released biweekly.

Other parts of the website also saw some major improvements over the month. The download page should be much snappier to use in recent days as a simple, yet huge optimization was pushed through by delroth to aid in the construction of the list of downloads. With hosting every build of Dolphin's master branch all the way back to 3.0-749 the old code had become a bit too slow to handle the many thousands of builds.

mario party 8 dolphin emulator download

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