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Hindi Queen Movies

A Bollywood actress performs in New Delhi, December 24, 2005. Hinglish in a hybrid language, a rich linguistic curry that stirs together English with Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi. Satellite television, the Internet and movies effortlessly spread Hinglish around the world. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi

Hindi Queen movies

We are here to take that stereotype and breathe life into it. Yes, many of our movies are long. Yes, many of our movies have class-based conflicts. Yes, many of our plots can be summarized in 15 word-sentences. Yes, many of our movies privilege music over characters. But who says this means our movies aren't well crafted, fun, moving, and enduring. Which is why I think this list is a perfect introduction to Indian cinema for your non-desi college friend or roommate or lover.

What this list doesn't do, however, is shatter that stereotype. Additionally these might not be the best films we have made; they are a mere flavour of the many shades of Hindi cinema. The best films call for another list. These are contemporary movies from the past two decades. And no, the 2004 colourized Mughal-e-Azam doesn't count.

For the uninitiated, the song picturizations might jar. Watch out for 'Woh Ladki Hai Kahan' where the characters watching the film become the characters in that film, dancing in endearing, silly, simple steps choreographed by Farah Khan. It's an ode to the movies and how we use it as an excuse to hold hands, and fall in love. The dream sequence song, 'Kaisi Hai Yeh Rut' takes all the excessive cliches of the Bollywood love song- the riverside and the moon and the dolphins- and weaves it into a warm expression of love.

There is a moment in the film when Amitabh Bachhan and Sridevi have an interaction in the flight, him translating the dialogues of the in-flight film to her; this is a moment for the fans. For the uninitiated, just look past this scene as a sweet meeting of Bollywood's formative stars. These meta moments happen often in our movies; a celebration and eulogizing of a time past in the cinema of now.

To honor the technical and artistic excellence of the leading professionals in the Hindi language movies, Bollywood sets up a set of awards each year known as the International Indian Film Academy Awards. The occasion is set up in different parts of the entire world each year while the most recent event occurring in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The first award was presented in London, the United Kingdom in 2000 at the Millennium Dome. Since then the era of international success at different locations started in Bollywood. Each year different movies get selected and one of them gets to compete in the international awards. Following are the list of films which earned International reputation:

Everyone thought that fate played an unbelievable joke - the foul-mouthed woman from the village who could beat a brawny man with her bare hands had become queen! She will be the one to bolster her chicken of a husband in a tale full of laughter and warmth.Liu Jin Feng was abandoned by her father. Growing up in a small alley, she and her mother only had each other to depend on. The entire court laughed when she married into the imperial family. Even her husband, the king, was suspicious of her, repeatedly testing her loyalties. The young king had always had lofty ideals for the future of his kingdom; he set about wrestling power from Duke Qi, who had been manipulating governmental affairs.Feng is unlike the fair and slender maidens of the inner court. With her around, palace life has become less boring and far more chaotic. As the newlyweds get to know each other, the most mismatched king and queen become the most perfect couple.(Source: Adapted from the web novel "Huang Hou Liu Hei Pang" (皇后刘黑胖) by Ge Yang (戈鞅). Edit Translation

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