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[S7E10] The Panic Attacks

Speaking of Madi, her having panic attacks is a much-needed representation of mental health. This world forgets what they put everyone through, and how people should be struggling with their mental health after all of it.Madi isn't given nearly as much screentime as she should.So when out of nowhere this season we learn that she has these attacks, it feels almost out of place and like the show isn't spending enough time on it.If that is everything that defines Madi this season and we only see her every few episodes, how can the audience fully invest in her?

[S7E10] The Panic Attacks

After the credits rolls, Dean Venture finds himself being shaken awake in the hospital lobby by Cindy Marie Abrams. She informs him that his brother is gone, with Dean immediately going into panic mode about Hank's death. Cindy Marie Abrams attempts to calm him, explaining that Hank isn't dead--he's gone. He left the hospital without a trace. Dean rushes outside to look for his brother, pulling aside a stranger who looks similar to Hank and apologizing for the mistake. Hank dramatically narrates in voiceover as Dean stands still and alone amidst the foot traffic in front of Stuyvesant University Medical Center:

Sean overhears this conversation and heads to the women's restroom to tell Erika. She begins to panic when he informs her their names are on a list. He calms her down and tells her his plan: they are going to wipe the system as soon as Chloe begins the download. She walks him through what it would take to do that, and he tells her to get started, and he will meet her up there. They kiss.

In the previous episode, Tia unleashed her weaponized song on the unsuspecting citizens of Bristol Cove, sending the small coastal town and surrounding county into a panic. Now, her sonic attack has spread to the entire Pacific Northwest and parts of Asia, making it a global attack. She sends video manifestos to news stations in the affected regions, implicating other nations, presumably hoping countries would turn on each other and finish her work for her, bringing her villainy to its cartoonish peak.

While Rose was adventurous, Elena was much more reserved, choosing to stay behind and worrying when her wife went skydiving in Edmonton. 15 feet into the entrance of the Sonora Caverns, Elena's claustrophobia gave her a panic attack, and she turned back. While traveling, an old woman in Warsaw told Elena that her rising sign was Virgo.[3]

After the pregnancy, Rose threw herself back into work, while Elena renovated the shop with Ana and Zahara. Elena received phone calls and postcards from Rose occasionally, but it wasn't until she returned home that she found out Rose had been having severe panic attacks alone in her hotel rooms, sleeping poorly, and missing deadlines. Elena suggested taking a break from work, which she did for about a month. Rose began experimenting in the kitchen and Elena would come home to a cooked meal every day. Soon however, Rose suggested they take a non-work-related vacation, and for a few months, Rose and Elena lived in Adelaide. They stayed in an orange shack with a lilac door on the bank of Grange Beach. They would often walk the ruins to scavenge, and Elena was most keen to find diaries and journals.[8]

Grant continues to be the main obstacle keeping Kidd and Severide apart. At the end of the Season 5 premiere, an infuriated Grant attacks Kidd in the alleyway at Molly's, but not before Severide saves her and stabs Grant. However, Kidd still has sympathy for her ex (who's an addict) and declines to press charges for his attack. Instead, she encouraged him to go to rehab. This decision strains her and Severide's relationship, and the two put a stop to their budding romance before it ever really began. They remained friends throughout the season.

One interesting wrinkle which foreshadowed Bizarro's arrival was a series of visions that Superman began experiencing in the days before Bizarro emerged from the Shuster Mines. The visions were accompanied by intense pain, which triggered panic attacks in the Man of Steel. While an examination by Department of Defense doctors failed to find anything physically wrong with Superman, the pains he described sounded identical to the symptoms Mary Hamilton observed in Beth and Alice in Batwoman. While an explanation for the visions has yet to be offered, it's possible they are an extrapolation of Superman's enhanced senses.

Princess wakes up with a sore jaw. Despite Yumiko's absence, she tells Yumiko that she did as she was told and did not reveal anything about their group to the soldiers. She hears soldiers open the door to Eugene's train car. She sneaks out and sees that Eugene's train car is now empty. She goes back to her car and panics. Ezekiel opens a hatch in the roof and jumps down. He suggests they run, but Princess refuses to abandon the others. Ezekiel says they can't trust the soldiers, then hides as a soldier enters the car with a tray of food. Ezekiel ambushes the soldier and knocks him unconscious.

At the Commonwealth interrogation center, Yumiko concludes that the Commonwealth is indeed real, based on the notice board she found. Princess comes to the same conclusion, although she gets lost in her own train of thought. With that, Yumiko determines that the best course of action is to talk to the person in charge, while being cold as ice. Princess questions whether Yumiko is capable of this, since her brother is involved, but Yumiko assures Princess that it comes naturally to her, since she was a lawyer. Yumiko goes on, but Princess shushes her as the same trooper that encountered them during their escape attempt walks by. Princess thinks the guard knows they tried to escape, but Yumiko is skeptical of this, as they haven't been confronted about it yet. Just then, Eugene arrives and informs them that Ezekiel is gone, with the guards having taken him somewhere, apparently. Eugene starts to panic, believing that the guards know they tried to escape, and suggests they come clean about who they really are. Yumiko firmly tells him to not talk to the Commonwealth's law enforcement, or stick to the story if he has to. When Princess asks what they should do, Yumiko gets up and demands to know where Ezekiel was taken, and then to speak to the person in charge.

As Negan gets a drink, Magna discreetly reports what Kelly had told him about the locations of the soldiers which Negan sketches out. Ezekiel approaches Negan and asks for the map, but Negan spots Annie nearby and, ignoring Ezekiel, approaches Roberts and offers to pick up a couple of extra shifts so that his wife can have her workload loosened. Negan appeals to Roberts personally who appears to consider it before they are interrupted by Sanborn. After being told that Negan is mouthing off, Sanborn decides that they need to show him his place and hits Negan with the butt of his rifle. Negan attacks Sanborn, but he is knocked to the ground by Roberts and kicked in the gut. Seeing her husband's predicament, Annie rushes in to intervene and shoved to the ground by Sanborn and is dragged away with him after a brief scuffle as Roberts keeps Negan from intervening at gunpoint. Hidden in the bushes nearby, a worried Daryl and Carol observe these proceedings.

The Coalition races through the streets towards the hospital with Daryl carrying the unconscious Judith. Commonwealth vehicles drive up and block their path in multiple directions, forcing them to fall back. Carol realizes that the soldiers aren't following them as they begin to erect barricades in the streets. Loudly yelling and firing their guns in the air, Commonwealth soldiers lead the herd in their direction before closing the barricades, penning the herd and the Coalition in. Spotting a walker climbing over something, a shocked Negan asks "what the fuck?" As walkers close in from multiple directions, Luke and Jules emerge from the herd, causing Kelly to nearly shoot them before Connie stops her sister. Fleeing down a side street, Carol spots an alley near part of the herd and everyone attacks the walkers, clearing a path for Daryl to flee down the alley towards the hospital with Judith. Waking up for a moment, Judith calls out "daddy?" and witnesses her friends and loved ones struggling to hold back the herd before passing out again.

Rachel panics over the fact that she's turning 30 and her life plan is behind schedule while we learn what happened when the rest of the group turned the big 3-0. It makes absolutely 0 sense that Rachel is turning 30 in this 2001 episode since she was apparently 28 in 1996, but that just makes this all the better, somehow. (She was also later pregnant for an entire year so...shrug emoji.)

Chandler naturally had a little panic attack and took off ahead of the wedding, but all eventually went well. Monica would be devastated to know that Rachel's secret pregnancy really did steal her wedding thunder, though.

The bottle episode, filmed in real time, is like a perfect little play. Ross panics over how no one's ready for the gala they have to leave for in 20 minutes, causing a fight with Rachel while Monica spins out of control over Richard, Phoebe gets the hummus, and Joey and Chandler lose it over a chair. Joey puts on all of Chandler's clothes and gives us this iconic line: Could I BE wearing any more clothes? Ross is also mean, but what's new there?

SSRIs approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of panic disorder include fluoxetine (Prozac), paroxetine (Paxil, Pexeva) and sertraline (Zoloft). Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs).

Kind-hearted, grounded, and imbued with a sense of justice to do the right thing, Shiro is the Paladin most likely to take command in situations where others suffer panic or foul tempers. He supports his team with a sense of direction, maturity, and empathy, scolding fellow Paladins when needed but rarely becoming genuinely angered at his allies. He is a tactful thinker who helps his team remain calm and understands their personal struggles. While exerting a substantial amount of patience and accommodation, he is not impervious to his own temper. He can uncharacteristically snap out of sheer frustration, most notably at Slav.[4] Shiro has a fun-loving and joking side to him as well, enjoying the space goo fight and displaying his idea of laser gun sound effects immediately after scolding his fellow Paladins for their renditions.[5] 041b061a72

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